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SNI-Online August 2009

New York---International Spiritual Training Seminar

The 47th International Spiritual Training Seminar was held from May 8 to 10 at the Passionist Spiritual Center in Bronx, New York. The number of participants was 27, including 7 first-timers.


Germany---Seicho-No-Ie Germany Opens An Office in Frankfurt

In June of this year, Seicho-No-Ie Germany (Freundeskreis in Deutschland e.V.) (Chairman: Mr. Guido Burkner) opened an office in Frankfurt, Hassen. This will serve as the center of its activities.


Republic of China---The First Youth Spiritual Training Seminar

The First Youth Spiritual Training Seminar was held from May 29 to 31 at the Kaohsiung Missionary Center in Kaohsiung, the Republic of China. Fifty people between the ages of 18 to 39 (21 males and 29 females) participated.


California---Solar Electricity Generator Starts Operating from July

In June of this year, a solar electricity generator was installed on the roof of the Seicho-No-Ie United States Headquarters in Gardena, California and it started operating on July 7. Its total electricity output is 12.5 kW.


The Republic of China---World's Eco Life

I will answer the question from last month: what do you do when you run out of water in your bottle while out on business? At libraries, offices, department stores and other places where many people come, there is a drinking water dispenser and you can fill up from it. Besides, the water is free of charge.