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SNI-Online October 2011

Japan---Fall Memorial Service

The Fall Memorial Service for Deceased Distinguished Propagators was held on September 23, the fall equinox day, at the Seicho-No-Ie Headquarters in Harajuku, Tokyo. Rev. Masanobu Taniguchi, President of Seicho-No-Ie, served as the Chief Priest. Mrs. Junko Taniguchi, President of Seicho-No-Ie White Dove Association, was also present.


Republic of China---Missionary Headquarters Acquires ISO14001 Certification

On August 16, the Seicho-No-Ie Republic of China Missionary Headquarters in Taipei, the Republic of China (Taiwan) acquired the ISO14001 certification. The certification covers the entire building of the Missionary Headquarters, events such as workshops held there, and its publication activities.


Southern California---Leaders’ Workshop and Public Lecture

On September 3 a Southern California Missionary Area Leaders’ Workshop was held at the United States Missionary Headquarters in Gardena, California and was attended by 34 people. On the following day (September 4) a Public Lecture was held under the sponsorship of the Southern California Missionary Area at the James Armstrong Theater in Torrance, California.


Republic of Korea---The 27th Youth Spiritual Training Seminar

The 27th Republic of Korea Youth Spiritual Training Seminar was held from August 12 to 14 at a youth training center. The number of participants was 67, including 20 first-timers. Rev. Tadahiro Shibata (Assistant Minister, Youth and Young Adult Association Administrative Office, Organizational Movement Department)