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Q&A - 200901

I Want to Do More Than What I Am Doing Now

Q :

I am employed at a life insurance company. It is a job worth keeping but I am not doing too well. I’m attending seminars, studying law and finances, as well as studying to qualify as a financial planner. However, a newly-transferred colleague is doing well at work so I’m a little anxious. I have many desires such as wanting to be successful and appealing to my customers but when I think realistically of the gap I have, I feel like I’m wasting my time. What do you think I should do to improve myself?
(N.A., 35 years old, male)

A :

Response given by Reverend Takehiko Ohashi, Seicho-No-Ie Ordained Minister

Love Is Doing Things for Others, Putting Love Into Practice Brings Wealth

In reading your question, I understand well your desire to improve yourself in your job and obtain a good record. Also, studying to gain knowledge of law and finance and to qualify as a financial planner is an effective way of raising your ability at work. Well, before explaining the actual method you can use to improve yourself, I would first like to advise you to “have more pride in your work.”

Speaking of pride, it can be pride in your position, financial power or ability, or in your special technique, but the pride that I am referring to is the realization that “you are of some help to others.” The Founder of Seicho-No-Ie, Masaharu Taniguchi, teaches us the following in his book, Truth of Life, Volume 8. “Generally speaking, ‘wealth’ does no simply mean quantity of matter. ‘Wealth refers to the number of things you do for the sake of others.’ To work for others is ‘love’ and when you practice love, it will change to ‘wealth.’” (Page 121)

Have Pride in Being Useful to Others

All jobs are somewhat similar but especially in your job, which deals with life insurance, lies one of the major decisions in life for your customers, who need the assurance that they can live in peace while making large payments periodically. At such a time, one relies on the insurance company sales representatives to go beyond looking for benefits for themselves or their company and to give good advice in selecting the right plan.

I hope you will become the kind of person who responds to the customers and is able to serve them well with pride. I wish to recommend the following two methods. First, do not study at random or aimlessly to improve yourself. Furthermore, prepare a short-range plan, no matter how small it may be. Everyday, decide how much you are going to do for the day and consciously aim to improve your ability.

Another method is to choose someone from among your superiors, seniors, co-workers or even someone who is your junior whose work habits, the way he conducts himself, and the way he studies are admirable and emulate him. When you do not understand something, feel free to ask him. “Studying” begins by imitating. I am sure you will be attracting many customers and live a life abundantly endowed with character and “aura.”

From Riso Sekai (Ideal World), May 2008, pp. 15-16

©Reverend Takehiko Ohashi