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Q&A - 200706

I Want to Be Rich but I Cannot Recover From the Setback Incurred by Debt

Q :

I was working but wanting money to have a good time and to buy a car, I became totally absorbed in speculating in commodities and stocks. In the end, I was deceived and had a debt of 6 million yen. When I started to receive reminders of the debt at my workplace, I quit my job and was left with no choice but to ask my parents to pay it off. I was so miserable for losing my money and having troubled my family. I wanted to find a job as soon as I could to pay back my parents, but I somehow feel I’m no good and unable to take a positive attitude. I still want to become wealthy but am I being too optimistic?
(F.K., 29 years old, male, Miyagi Prefecture)

A :

Answer given by Reverend Masamichi Matsuda, Seicho-No-Ie Ordained Minister

Wealth means doing things for the benefit of others; when love is put into your work, it will change to affluence.

I believe you are regretting your past experiences and blaming your pitiful self. There is a way you can change your mind and live a bright life.

You cannot do anything about the past, no matter how much you may suffer or regret it. Your mind is caught up in it and depressing you more. As a result, you completely deny yourself saying, “I’m good for nothing,” and become more depressed.

Instead, in order to brighten your life, let’s think positively on how you can change your mind.

I would like to know your understanding of the meaning of affluence and wealth. Truth of Life, Volume 8, teaches us the following:

“Wealth, in the first place, does not simply mean a condition in which there is a large amount of matter. To be wealthy means one has a large amount of something with which to do work that would benefit others. That which works to benefit others is love; and when we put love into practice, it becomes wealth.” (pp 128-129)

You can say that your life today is shaped by the mind that you habitually maintain. While thinking of harvesting eggplants, if you plant cucumber seeds, you will not harvest eggplants.

You must have a right view towards wealth and abundance. Entertaining selfish thoughts of wishing to be wealthy will not realize your dream. It is most important that you live with loving thoughts, thinking of what good you can do for others when you become rich.

You seem to be looking for a new job; I firmly believe that you will find a most appropriate job, so please keep this in mind.

Instead of Regretting Your Past, Live a Life of Gratitude to Your Parents

You said that your parents repaid a large sum of your debt, so your mental attitude towards your parents is important. If you only feel sorry for having troubled your parents, you are not gaining anything from that experience. My advice to you is that you lead a life of gratitude from the bottom of your heart for your parents’ deep love in paying off your large debt.

I am sure your parents would find greater joy in seeing you live a happy and meaningful life looking ahead to a bright future, rather than seeing you clinging to your past filled with remorse and sorrow. The reason you think you are worthless and cannot be positive is that you are not grateful to your parents. It was because of your parents’ love and your ancestors that you were born on this earth.

Seicho-No-Ie teaches the importance of living with your mental vibrations always in tune with God. When you are grateful to your ancestors and your parents, you are being grateful to God. And such a life is in tune to receive the guidance of Divine Wisdom. This is what is written in the “Divine Message of Grand Harmony.” (One of the Divine Messages revealed to Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi.)

“Those who are grateful to God but cannot be grateful to their parents are against the Divine Will.”

What this means is that no matter how grateful you are to God, you cannot receive God’s guidance unless you are grateful to your parents. You must live the basic teaching of Seicho-No-Ie by being grateful to your parents and live a life filled with a bright and magnanimous mind toward your parents. I advise you to repay the debt you owe your parents with such a mind.

At Seicho-No-Ie Spiritual Training Seminars, by practicing Shinsokan meditation, many people have found their true self (True Image) dwelling within and have embarked on a life of joy.

Indeed, now that you are facing a difficult situation, it would be a tremendous opportunity for you to change your mind. I also advise you to attend the Spiritual Training Seminar and completely change your life from one that speaks only of past difficulties to that of being grateful to all people and circumstances in your life. I urge you to be positive and see things with a bright mind, become the light of your home, and live a wonderful life.

From Riso Sekai (Ideal World), November 2006 issue, pp. 60-61.

©2006 Reverend Masamichi Matsuda