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Explain to Me the Meaning of “True Image” and “Phenomena”

Q :

My six-year-old second daughter has a serious case of atopic dermatitis, however, I was told at a Seicho-No-Ie gathering to “see the child’s True Image and believe in her perfect existence,” but I did not know what to do. I was told “evil and disease may appear to exist but they are not our True Image,” and “not to get caught up in phenomena because it is important that you see the True Image,” however, I do not really understand the meaning of “True Image” nor “phenomena.” I was told to see the True Image but how can I see something that is not visible to my eyes? And even if I see the True Image, what is going to happen?
(K.S., 33 years old, male, Fukuoka Prefecture)

A :

Answer given by Reverend Ryoji Morooka, Seicho-No-Ie Assistant Minister

When We Live In Tune with the Perfect and Harmonious World (True Image)
Created by God, It Changes our Environment (Phenomena)

I am sorry to hear that your daughter is suffering from atopic dermatitis. My second daughter also had an allergic skin disease when she was two years old and was placed under a doctor’s care; therefore, I do know the difficulty you are going through now. I know you would do anything to relieve her of her misery, in fact, you probably would change places with her if you could.

I, too, at first did not understand the meaning of “True Image” and “phenomena,” however, as I studied the teachings of Seicho-No-Ie, I gradually started to understand it.

Seicho-No-Ie teaches that “We are all children of God.” It teaches that since God is perfect and harmonious, people and the world created by God are also perfect and harmonious. This true form created by God is called the “True Image.”

On the other hand, that which is not a creation of God but created by the human mind, in other words, the world we can see and feel is called the phenomenal world.

That which is seen as disease is not what God has originally created, therefore it is non-existent. Although it appears to exist, your child’s atopic dermatitis does not exist in God’s world. Her original true self is perfect and harmonious.

First, you must believe in the True Image that dwells in your child. When the True Image manifests, the imperfect condition of phenomena automatically vanishes. However, as long as you see the imperfect condition and try to improve it, you are dwelling on the imperfection in your mind and are actually recognizing it.

As the teaching says, “Your environment is the reflection of your mind,” which is the phenomenal world. Thus, a person can change his or her destiny and physical condition freely by changing the mind. It is very important that you release the imperfect image you have of your daughter and visualize clearly her perfect image.

Believe in the World of God that Exists Beyond the Phenomenal World

Last year, there was a time my second son cried every night for one month. In the beginning, my wife, thinking that he may be having a bad dream, tried to humor him but as the days went by, it got so bad that she could not even carry him.

We did not know what caused his crying but one day as I was sitting next to him watching him cry, I read the Holy Sutra, Nectarean Shower of Holy Doctrines, visualizing my son’s peaceful smiling face. His appearance gradually started to change and became a peaceful face as he fell asleep. The following day his crying at night stopped completely.

This incident deeply moved us and at the same time, we wanted to know the cause of it. Up until then, when the children made a lot of noise, I told them to be quiet or told my wife to put them to sleep. It started to disturb my wife and before we knew it, the atmosphere in the home was getting bad. As we reflected on ourselves, we remembered that it was then that our son started to cry.

I truly learned the importance of harmony in the family and became grateful to my wife and children. I believe that the True Image of my family gradually started to manifest from that moment on. (the True Image of myself, my wife and our children.)

You posed a question, “What happens if the True Image is seen?” It means that you are constantly in tune with God. In other words, your mind is facing the right direction, therefore, everything you do will end up being good.

You see the True Image not with your physical eyes but with the mind’s eye (visualize it). In order to feel it realistically, you must practice Shinsokan. Use the following books as a reference, “Detailed Explanation of Shinsokan, New Ed.” by Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi or “Shinsokan is Wonderful” by Reverend Seicho Taniguchi. You can study the meaning of “True Image” and “Phenomena” and how to practice Shinsokan at a Spiritual Training Seminar. I urge you to attend a seminar.

I will be praying that your family will become more wonderful.

From Riso Sekai (Ideal World), July 2006 issue, pp. 60-61

© 2006 Reverend Ryoji Morooka