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Environmental Policy of Religious Juridical Person, “Seicho-No-Ie”

Basic Understanding

The global environmental issue is a serious problem affecting the entire globe and many future generations.

What is required of the humankind today is the religious mind of appreciating the blessings of nature, worshipping the mountains, rivers, grass, trees, minerals, and energy as manifestation of Life of God or Buddha, and being aware that we are given life to be in harmony with them. We believe living a life that is based on this religious mind is the key to solving the global environmental issue.

Since its foundation in 1930, Seicho-No-Ie has been spreading to all humankind the way of life of worshipping all creation as Life of God or Buddha based on the teaching that taught us to “be grateful to everything in the universe.”

Seicho-No-Ie intends to widely disseminate this religious mind as well as to address the environmental issues by practicing a religious life suited to the modern day, contribute to conservation of the global environment through a variety of media and activities, and hand down the “beautiful Earth” to posterity.

Action Guidelines

1. Implementation of Educational Activities

We raise awareness and educate all of our staff to have deep understanding about the global environmental issues so that they will consider the environment in carrying out their activities. Thorough our propagational activities, we also instill in people a sense of oneness of nature and mankind and encourage them to live a life that contributes to solving the global environmental issues.

2. Consideration for the Ecosystem

Based on the religious mind that “it is important that we value life and we worship plants, animals, and minerals as manifestation of God or Buddha,” we take into consideration impact on the ecosystem when we carry out various propagational activities and projects in and outside of Japan. On the premises of Seicho-No-Ie Main Temple, we make efforts to protect flora and fauna and preserve the abundance of nature.

3. Reduction of Environmental Load

We aim to contribute to improving the situation regarding such environmental issues as destruction of the ozone layer and air, water and soil pollution. As part of such an effort, we actively promote installation of solar-power generation facilities and other facilities, afforestation, introduction of low-emission vehicles, and so on, based on the belief that stepping up our efforts for the progress of our civil society towards one that uses clean, natural energy is extremely important.

4. Reduction of Waste and Promotion of Recycling

We work towards reducing the occurrence of waste and the amount of final waste. We utilize products that should be utilized, we reuse old products that are still usable, and we recycle products, as far as possible that can no longer be used. This is to put into practice our belief in “being grateful to all things.”

5. Promotion of Conservation of Resources and Energy

Attaining harmony with nature is important for sustainable development, and we need to reduce consumption of resources that might be depleted and the use of energy such as fossil fuels and electric power. Based on the belief that resources and energy are also manifestation of God, we strive not to consume resources and energy immoderately through “self-control” and “self-training.”

6. Promotion of Green Procurement

We take the environmental issues into consideration when making selection for procurement of products and services.

7. Observance of Various Environment-Related Laws, Regulations, etc.

We observe environment-related laws, ordinances, and regulations. We also observe environment-related agreements that we have consented to.

8. Reinforcement of Environmental Management System

By implementing an environmental management system and having each department set and review their objectives and goals, we further reinforce and continuously improve our activities for conservation of the global environment.

9. Notification and Disclosure

We thoroughly inform of our environmental policy to all of our staff through our homepage dedicated to them. We also make the environmental policy public through the Internet, etc.

April 30, 2007
Kazuo Isobe
Representative Officer (Chairman and CEO)
Religious Juridical Person, “Seicho-No-Ie”