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"It is God who does it"

Mrs. Marianne Bittner is the Holy Mission Fellowship treasurer for the entire Germany.

She was first introduced to Seicho-No-Ie in 1997, when she was invited by her friend to attend a Readers’ Meeting (hosted by Mrs. Mitsue Oswald, Regional Lecturer), which was held in Bohmenkirch. At the time Mrs. Bittner had a problem of not getting along with her husband. She was moved by the bright atmosphere at the Meeting and Shinsokan. Subsequently she attends the Readers’ Meeting every month.

Last year, on Mrs. Oswald’s recommendation, she was chosen as the Holy Mission Fellowship treasurer. Her job is to check and confirm the status of the Holy Mission Fellowship Fee payment of about 100 members in Germany and to follow up on delinquent payments. Three times a year Mrs. Bittner sends out to about 60 members information about events with a letter containing excerpts from Seicho-No-Ie books. She provides thorough care.

She enjoys her job, as she likes letter-writing. It also helps her read Seicho-No-Ie books, as she includes excerpts from them.

She has been the treasurer for 10 years. Her joy is that her relationship with her husband improved. Her husband used to be an accountant. He is now retired and they live on pension. Asked if she has become richer, she says with a smile, “I barely get by. My ring and clothes have been given by my sisters and relatives. I am provided for naturally and I do not feel any want.”

Every day Mrs. Bittner practices Shinsokan, reads the Holy Sutras and keeps the Sundial Diary. From two years ago she shares the Readers’ Meeting sponsorship with Mrs. Oswald. She now enjoys holding a Readers’ Meeting at the home of a 92-year-old woman in her neighborhood, which she started eight years ago. She also attends Catholic gatherings and consults people who have problems.

When praised, “Wonderful!” she says, “It is not me, but God does it for me. The pendant of the Holy Sutra, Nectarean Shower of Holy Doctrines seemed to sparkle on her neck.