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Regina Valente Little from Florida

I am a financial adviser with a large brokerage firm in Florida. In 2005 my husband and I decided we needed to get a divorce. During the previous three years my husband had shown deep signs of depression and his hostility to me grew day by day.  My kids were also showing all kinds of problems. My dreams of a happy family and marriage were all going down the drain.

Then I met Massae Mizuki who, because of business connections, introduced me to a “very special group of Brazilians in Fort Lauderdale”. There I met the then President of Seicho-No-Ie for the Fort Lauderdale/Margate center, Emilia Koike and her husband, Chiohati Koike.

I shared freely with Emilia that my family was going through a very difficult time. She then pulled out a Truth of Life magazine and highlighted the place that said that in a couple of weeks there would an International Seminar in Orlando, Florida and urged me to participate if I wanted to save my marriage.

Chiohati called me a couple of times insisting that I come with them. Of course, I gave all kinds of excuses not to go. In our phone conversation he said: “Do you really want to save your marriage?” I said, firmly: “Yes.” He said, “Then, come with us to Orlando.” I then gave him another excuse. He said, “In the name of your father, I ask you to come. Will you come, Regina? At the mention of my father’s name I said “Yes, I will come.”

Then I agreed to wait for the Seicho-No-Ie seminar before making any final decisions about the divorce.

What a weekend that was! It started with Brian giving me a hug and a kiss at the door at the Seicho-No-Ie center before we made the caravan to Orlando. Brian had not done that for months! Then, I joined Emilia and Chiohati in their car and they gradually told me what Seicho-No-Ie was all about. I was in absolute heaven. Everything seemed to fit in. Starting by Brian’s comment the next day as I called to check on the children, “Regina, where did you find such wonderful people?" They seem full of light!” I could not believe my ears.

One of the reverends explained to me that my negative relationship with my father had generated a lot of defensive feelings in my soul and I had become a very difficult personality to penetrate. I was afraid of loving, of feeling, of giving of myself. Deep messages, deep visions. How grateful I was!

The change in me was immediate and the same was true for my family. When I got back from Orlando, Brian and the kids were there waiting for me and all were eager to see me. I had many wonderful dreams and felt happy and assured I would be successful in keeping my marriage. Not because I was changing others but because I was ready to change myself and not to expect anything but to give what I could.

It is now almost three years after these events, and Brian and I never proceeded with the idea of the divorce. We love each other at a very deep spiritual level. Many things have happened in between but always to bring us closer together. We have the deepest kind of love for each other and our children are flourishing again.

I have learned more about Seicho-No-Ie during these past years. I am very grateful to Dr. Masaharu Taniguchi for these beautiful teachings but also to Massae, Emilia, Chiohati, and the other people I have come to know through Seicho-No-Ie. The Seicho-No-Ie group in Fort Lauderdale/Margate is our family and each and every one of its members are our friends forever and we are, as a family, very grateful to them all!