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Seicho-No-Ie News

Results of the Original Children’s Story/Picture Book Contest Commemorating the opening of the Seicho-No-Ie "Office in the Forest"

※Alphabetical order

*Story Book*
【Grand Prize】"Mírian, a minhoca que fugiu da toca(Mirian, the Earthworm Which Fled From the Hole)" Claudia Zippin Ferri(BRAZIL)
【First Prizes】"The Watermelon Patch" Claire Marumoto(USA)
【First Prizes】"Himawari no tane(The Seeds of a Sunflower)" Yoko Imaizumi(JAPAN)
【Honorable Mention】"Yukio caiu no rio(Yukio Fell in the River)" Andre Kondo(BRAZIL)
【Honorable Mention】"The Night Sky" Erika Davies(USA)
【Honorable Mention】"Kitsune no Konta to Konta sensei(Konta the Fox and Dr. Konta)" Kyoko Miyata(JAPAN)

*Picture Book*
【Grand Prize】(No applicable work)
【First Prizes】(No applicable work)
【Honorable Mention】"O enigma do Sol(The Enigma of the Sun)" Vivien Hellen Santos de Carvalho(BRAZIL)
【Honorable Mention】"Tsukue no ki(Trees for Table Making) " Yuumi Hasegawa(JAPAN)
※Honorable Mentions , only the two above-mentioned work
〈Finalist〉"Plus no kokoro no puzzle(The Puzzle of Positive Thinking)" Akiko Koizumi(JAPAN)
〈Finalist〉"Loo and Sii's Story: The Tale of Friendship" Erika Otsuka / Katie Chen(USA)
〈Finalist〉"Gohon no ki(Five trees)" Yoko Tomoda / Machiko Tadokoro(JAPAN)
〈Finalist〉"Kousagi mimi no kanashimi(Baby Bunny Mimi's Sadness)" Yoko Tomoda / Machiko Tadokoro(JAPAN)

There were no Grand Prize and First Prize winners
in the Picture Book category. Therefore, those who were nominated
as finalists but regrettably did notwin a prize will
receive a Certificate of Commendation.

With warm regards,

Mutsuji Yamaoka,
Chief Judge of the Contest & Department Manager
Public Relations and Cross Media Department,