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Readers’ Meeting Held in Sydney, Australia

Learning from the Song in Praise of Nature

In Sydney, Australia, a Readers’ Meeting (English) was held on March 16 at the Vibe North Sydney Hotel and was attended by 10 people, including three newcomers. The attendees’ breakdown by nationality was 4 Brazilians, 4 Japanese and 2 Australians.

The objective of this Readers’ Meeting was to study the importance of the Sundial Way of Life and a way of life that is in harmony with nature and actually practice it. From the International Headquarters Rev. Akiko Minamoto (Assistant Minister, Asia, Europe and Oceania Section, International Department), who can guide in English was dispatched as a lecturer. Rev. Minamoto used ‘Seicho-No-Ie’tte Donna Oshie (What Are the Teachings of Seicho-No-Ie?) and other publications as her texts.

Using PC images, Rev. Minamoto gave two lectures. She also explained “Shinsokan to Practice the Four Immeasurable Minds” and led a practice of it. In her lecture, “Learning from the Song in Praise of Nature,” she gave an explanation, using the English translation of it. She said that the pursuit of material prosperity and prioritizing physical desires are the cause of worsening environmental problem. She stressed that as taught in the teaching, “Be grateful to everything in heaven and earth,” it is important to be grateful to and harmonize with nature, read the Song in Praise of Nature in our daily lives and each lives his/her life that is in harmony with nature.”

The attendees’ comments included: “It has been only two weeks since I came to Sydney. Having attended the Readers’ Meeting, I feel peaceful and I can endure hardship. I have not yet found work, but I already feel energized and I can see the bright side of things.”

Rev. Minamoto remarked, “At present there are no lecturers in Australia and the Readers’ Meeting is held on an irregular basis. I would like to continue to stay in close contact with them by using the Internet and other media and provide support, so that the Readers’ Meeting can be held regularly.”