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Seicho-No-Ie News

The 23rd Republic of Korea Leaders’ Workshop

Return to the Starting Point of the Enlightenment Movement

The 23rd Republic of Korea Leaders’ Workshop was held on March 10 at the Kwang Myong Hoy Hall in Daegu. The number of attendees was 30.

The Workshop was held with the objective of giving the leaders an opportunity to study the Truth and gain a common awareness. From the International Headquarters Rev. Teruo Nishitani (Assistant Minister, Chief of Asia, Europe and Oceania Section, International Department) and Rev. Natsuki Yamamoto (Assistant Minister, Vice Chief of the same section) were dispatched as lecturers. Rev. Jeong Ho Kim (Assistant Minister) served as their interpreter. Rev. Jeong Hee Kim, (Assistant Minister, Chairman of Kwang Myong Hoy) also provided guidance.

In Workshop 1, Rev. Yamamoto gave a lecture, “Let’s Return to the Starting Point of the Enlightenment Movement in South Korea.” He explained the circumstances leading to the establishment of Kwang Myong Hoy by the first Chairman of Kwang Myong Hoy, Rev. Hae Ryong Kim. He stressed the importance of promoting the International Peace by Faith Movement centered on the current Chairman, Rev. Jeong Hee Kim, who succeeded the first Chairman’s will.

In Workshop 2, Rev. Nishitani lectured on “The Movement to Return to the ‘Divine Message of Grand Harmony’” and reaffirmed the propagators’ mission. He also explained Seicho-No-Ie’s basic teachings as well as the “Movement that Grows with Nature.” He encouraged the use of a diary to record gratitude by seeing the bright side of things, which the Chairman, Rev. Kim, stresses all the time according to the International Headquarters’ Movement Policy.

Rev. Jeong Hee Kim guided Workshop 3, “Let’s Spread the Sundial Way of Life, Starting with People Near You.” He made a point that each person’s joyous practice and propagation of the Sundial Way of Life leads to the enlightenment of South Korea.

The attendees’ comments of joy included, “I was deeply moved to know that the practice of the Sundial Way of Life does not stop at those in South Korea but is being promoted as a world-wide movement.”

Rev. Nishitani commented, “I believe that the Workshop was a success. The International Headquarters will continue to provide guidance and support so that the Movement in South Korea can be promoted in keeping with the International Headquarters’ policy.” Rev. Yamamoto commented, “I was impressed with the attendees’ earnest attitude. I hope that the propagation activities will be energized.”

Remarks by Rev. Jeong Hee Kim, Chairman of Kwang Myong Hoy

“The leaders have a heightened awareness about practicing the Sundial Way of Life and their response was good. I am deeply grateful.”