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The 23rd Europe Leaders’ Workshop

Study of a Way of Life that Is in Harmony with Nature

The 23rd Europe Leaders’ Workshop was held from March 22 to 24 at a youth hostel in Mainz, Germany. Forty-four leaders from across Europe attended the Workshop. The breakdown of the attendees by country of residence was 19 for Germany, 7 for France, 4 for England, 2 for Austria, 9 for Switzerland, 1 for Italy, 1 for Poland, and 1 for Japan.

Rev. Yasuo Yoshishiba (Ordained Minister, Chief of Public Affairs and Editing Section, Publishing and Public Affairs Department) was dispatched from the International Headquarters as a lecturer. He guided together with Rev. Yuji Otsuka (Resident Ordained Minister in Europe). They spoke with German and Portuguese interpretation.

Rev. Yoshishiba gave four lectures. In the closing lecture, “Toward Building a New Civilization That Is in Harmony with Nature,” he talked about Seicho-No-Ie’s aim to “abandon nuclear energy use” and its effort to bring about world peace by the faith in the only, absolute God rather than nuclear deterrence. He also stressed the importance of worshiping everything in heaven and earth and using natural energy. At this Workshop copies of the Song in Praise of Nature, which was recently translated into German, was distributed to the attendees for the first time. Rev. Yoshishiba explained its content.

Rev. Otsuka explained the “Practice of Love of the Four Immeasurable Minds in Modern Days,” which deals with life ethics as well as the content of the Movement that Grows with Nature. Rev. Otsuka gave three lectures, including “Mission of Seicho-No-Ie Regional Lecturers and Propagators.”

In addition, the program of the Workshop included testimony presentations by the attendees and a practice of Shinsokan for Mutual Prayer.

Comments from the attendees included: “I felt there is much more that I can do for the environment”; and “I was able to understand Seicho-No-Ie’s view on the abandonment of nuclear energy use.”

Rev. Yoshishiba commented, “I was impressed with how the attendees encouraged one another and earnestly studied the Truth. I could see that the leaders in each country are working hard to propagate. It was a very meaningful workshop.” Rev. Otsuka remarked, “The German translation of the Song in Praise of Nature was carried in the May issue of the magazine, Lichtquelle (published three times a year) as well. I would like to encourage the reading of this sutra to more followers in Europe, promote the environmentally friendly way of life and expand the Movement toward building a new civilization.”