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A Total of 77 People Attend Readers’ Meetings in Hong Kong

First Attempt to Study the Truth Amidst Nature

In Hong Kong, Readers' Meetings were held for six days from January 18 to 23: seven Chinese-language Readers' Meetings and one Japanese-language Readers' Meeting. The number of attendees totaled 77, including nine newcomers.

Rev. Mamoru Amachi (Assistant Minister), who can guide directly in Chinese and Japanese, was dispatched from the International Headquarters as a lecturer. Using the Chinese translation of Seimei no Jisso (Truth of Life), Vol. 8 by Rev. Masaharu Taniguchi and other publications as his texts, Rev. Amachi guided the Readers' Meetings every day at the followers' homes and a room in a commercial building.

On January 18, Rev. Amachi gave a lecture at a follower's home under the title, "Words Create Our Life," and explained Seicho-No-Ie's basic teachings, "only God-created perfect world exists" and "all phenomena are manifestations of only mind." He urged the attendees to live the Sundial Way of Life.

On the following day (January 19), Rev. Amachi gave a lecture on the same theme at another follower's home. From 7:00 p.m. he gave a lecture, "To Live Each Day, While Worshipping Life" at another site. He shared his own experience that he and his wife were able to overcome the initial hurdle of international marriage through gratitude to their parents and live a happy married life.

On the following day (January 20), after Shinsokan and the reading of the Holy Sutra, Rev. Amachi gave a lecture, "What Is Oneness of the Self and Another?" in a room in a commercial building in the morning. In the afternoon at a rented room of an individual in Sheko, a scenic site in Hong Kong, Rev. Amachi lectured on the title, "On True Love" and explained the way of life that practices the Four Immeasurable Minds. Subsequently, they climbed to a resting place at the top of a mountain near the home and had a prayer for world peace and cleaning activity in the area. This was the first time to have an outdoor workshop in Hong Kong. The attendees experienced the joy of practicing love through the volunteer work. It was well received.

From January 21 to 23 Rev. Amachi provided guidance, including the Reading Circle, using Seicho-No-Ie publications as well as Shinsokan to practice the Four Immeasurable Minds. He also gave individual counseling to the followers and newcomers.

There were comments of joy from the attendees, including: "I was able to learn Seicho-No-Ie's educational method that stresses trust in the child and brings out his infinite ability. I will practice it from now on."

Remarks by Rev. Mamoru Amachi, Assistant Minister

"I got a positive response about the first outdoor workshop. I hope to hold appealing Readers' Meetings with new ideas."