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Ibero-America and Angola Delegates Workshop

A Total of 14 Countries Represented

Costa Rica Attends for the First Time

A Delegates Workshop for Ibero-Amrican Countries and Angola (Spanish) was held from January 29 to February 2 at the South American Spiritual Training Center. A total of 47 people from Central and South America as well as southern Europe attended. (Note; Ibero-America: includes Spain, Portugal, and Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries in Central and South America.)

This Workshop is held every year for Chiefs and Chairpersons of the Missionary Areas in Latin American countries except Brazil, as well as Spain, Portugal, and Angola. A total of 14 countries were represented: Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Columbia, Uruguay, Chile, Panama, Venezuela, Bolivia, Portugal, Spain and Nicaragua; and there was an attendee from Costa Rica for the first time.

The lecturers were Rev. Marie Murakami (Ordained Minister, Chairperson of Brazil Missionary Headquarters), Rev. Yoshio Mukai (Special Ordained Minister) and five Ordained/Assistant Ministers. There were lectures such as "Seicho-No-Ie's Movement in the Current Time" and "Promoting the Movement While Practicing the Sundial Way of Life." Also, there was a workshop by the rank of the attendees' positions.

In the lecture, "How Do We Contribute to the Environment Through the Movement?" an explanation was provided on the importance of environmental protection in Seicho-No-Ie's activities. It was confirmed that environmental protection will be dealt with even more strongly in each country in the future.

A separate program was made available for the attendee from Costa Rica, where Seicho-No-Ie's activities had just begun, and a second-time attendee from Nicaragua. They studied in detail on "What Should They Do to Promote the Enlightenment Movement?" and "Plan for Holding a Readers' Meeting."

The delegate from Nicaragua commented, "We are deeply grateful to the Brazil Missionary Headquarters for their assistance and support. This Workshop is an invaluable experience for us and will help strengthen the Enlightenment Movement in Nicaragua.

Remarks by Rev. Junji Miyaura, Bishop of Seicho-No-Ie Latin America

"There was an exchange of hope and joy. This bright and energetic Workshop provides an opportunity for the leaders of each country to study the teachings and learn about the organizational management and it leads to a high-quality movement. We will continue to provide support through the Latin American Propagation Division, so that the teachings will spread in each of these countries."