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SNI-Online February 2013

Japan---Rev.Taniguchi Gives a Message at the New Year’s Celebration

On January 1, 2013 the New Year’s Celebration was held at the Seicho-No-Ie Headquarters in Harajuku, Tokyo. As was the case last year, the Headquarters and the Main Temple were connected via the Internet for two-way transmission of the New Year’s Celebration at the Headquarters;


Southern California---Public Lecture

In California, a public lecture sponsored by the Southern California Missionary Area was held at the James R. Armstrong Theatre in Torrence on November 25 of last year. The number of attendees was 270. Thirty of them were first-timers.


Canada---Leadership Truth Realization Seminars

In Canada, Leadership (Leaders) Truth Realization Seminars (English) and Japanese-language Truth Study Classes were held in Vancouver and Toronto from the end of October to early November of last year.


Nicaragua---New Propagation Base in Central America

In the Republic of Nicaragua, which is situated in the middle of Central America and whose official language is Spanish, a Readers’ Meeting site has been launched and activities are becoming active.


Republic of China ---Missionary Headquarters Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Its Establishment

In the Republic of China, the Seventh National Leaders’ Workshop was held at the Atami Hotel in Taipei from December 8 to 9. The number of attendees was 132, which was an increase of 57 people over the previous time. It was the largest turnout so far.