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SNI-Online January 2013

Northern California---Leader’s Workshop and Public Lecture

At the Seicho-No-Ie Northern California Center, a Leaders' Workshop of the Northern California Missionary Area was held on October 27 and a public lecture on October 28. A total of about 100 people attended these events.


Brazil---Two-Day (One Overnight) Truth Realization Seminar

In Brazil, a two-day (one overnight) Truth Realization Seminar was held at Brazil Missionary Headquarters' four spiritual training centers was held on November 3 and 4. The number of participants totaled 1,101 (an increase of 528 people over the previous time).


Thailand and Indonesia---Reader’s Meetings

Last year, Readers' Meetings were held in Thailand on October 17 and in Indonesia for two days from October 20 to 21. Rev. Kiyoaki Koike (Ordained Minister, Chief of Middle-Aged Membership Expansion Division) was dispatched from the International Headquarters as a lecturer.