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SNI-Online November 2010

Japan---POSTINGJOY: SNS Site to Post Joyous News

As of October 5, English and Portuguese versions have been newly added to the postingjoy, a SNS which Seicho-No-Ie manages on the Internet for posting joyous messages. Also, new functions have been added to the Japanese version. This makes the site more enjoyable, convenient and global.


Germany---First Seicho-No-Ie Special Conference for World Peace in Europe

Time and site of the 2011 Seicho-No-Ie Special Conference for World Peace, held overseas every other year under the guidance of Rev. Masanobu Taniguchi, President of Seicho-No-Ie, and Mrs. Junko Taniguchi, have recently been decided.


Brazil---“Peace and Environmental Protection Week

In Brazil, the “Peace and Environmental Protection Week” was held from September 1 to 7. The number of participants totaled 7,272 people (Portuguese- and Japanese-language groups combined), representing 101 Missionary Areas (as of October 8).


Australia---Readers’ Meeting in Sydney

In Australia, a Seicho-No-Ie Readers’ Meeting (English) was held at the Vibe North Sydney Hotel in Sydney on September 4. The number of attendees was 17, including nine newcomers. This was an increase of four people over the previous time.


Republic of China---Spiritual Training Seminar for Parents

A Spiritual Training Seminar for Parents, the first Seminar of this kind, was held from September 10 to 12 at Banchao in Taipei. The number of participants was 143, including 34 newcomers.


Canada---World’s Eco-Life

At the 51st International Spiritual Training Seminar held in the outskirts of Toronto in October of this year, we gave acrylic scrub brushes to the participants. A member of the Toronto Missionary Area had hand-made them and donated a large quantity.