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Youth and Young Adult Association National Convention

Ms. Vanessa Sugawara, a Brazilian Living in Japan, Provides Sign Language Interpretation for Her Classmates

Ms. Vanessa Sugahara, a Brazilian living in Japan and a Holy Mission Fellowship member, brought to the Youth and Young Adult Association National Convention four classmates from the school for the deaf. They were all first-timers at the Convention. She, herself deaf, provided for them sign language interpretation for the lectures by Rev. and Mrs. Masanobu Taniguchi as well as other presenters’ talks, which she comprehended from the movements of their mouths.

Ms. Sugahara had a hearing problem from birth. She came to Japan when she was in the second year of middle school, as her aunt, a Seicho-No-Ie member, was already living in Japan. Every month she attends the Kanagawa Missionary Area’s Youth and Young Adult Association Readers’ Meeting. She also helps as a volunteer at the Seicho-No-Ie Tobitakyu Spiritual Training Center in Chofu City, Tokyo.

Ms. Sugahara commented through writing, “The lecture that man has infinite potential has left a lasting impression on my mind.” She and her friends were happy with the Convention.