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SNI-Online May 2009

California---Mind Purification Ceremony held via the Internet

From February 13 to 15, the 46th International Spiritual Training Seminar was held at the Sheraton Presenton Hotel in Presenton City, California. The number of participants was 52, including 17 first-timers (33%).


Brazil---Regional Lecturers' and Englightenment Leaders' Workshop

In Brazil, the Internet-based Regional Lecturers’ and Enlightenment Leaders’ Workshop was held at 83 of 118 missionary branches on March 15. A total of 2,889 people attended, up by 391 people (13.5%) from the previous time.


Brazil---Youth and Young Adult Association Leaders' Workshop

From mid-January to early February, a Brazil Youth and Young Adult Association Leaders’ Workshop was held at four spiritual training centers. The number of attendees totaled 852, which was an increase of 86 people over the previous time.


The Republic of Korea---Leaders' Workshop

The Workshop was held on the theme, “The Issue of Environment, Resources, and Peace” based on the International Headquarters’ 2009 Movement Policy, “A Movement that Grows with Nature.”


The Republic of China---World's Eco Life

You may think that garbage should be brought to the garbage collection place. However, unlike in Japan, there are no collection places in Taipei. Where do people dispose of the garbage, then? Actually, we bring the garbage directly to a garbage collection truck.