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SNI-Online November 2007

California---Leaders Workshop and Public Lecture Meeting

In southern California, a Leaders’ Workshop (Japanese and English) was held on September 22 at the United States Missionary Headquarters in Gardena. On September 23 a public lecture meeting was held at the Japan America Theatre. The number of attendees was 43 at the Workshop and 372 at the lecture meeting, for a total of 415.


Brazil---21st National Convetion (Japanese)

The 21st Seicho-No-Ie Brazil Brotherhood Association and White Dove Association Joint National Convention (Japanese) was held at the Anihembi International Convention Center in Sao Paulo on September 16. The number of attendees was 2,958.


Brail---Spiritual Training Seminar (Spanish)

A Spanish-language spiritual training seminar was held from September 25 to 29 at the Santa Tecla Spiritual Training Center in Grande do Sul in southern Brazil. The number of participants, a record 291, came from 10 South American countries as well as Europe.


Brazil---Rev. Iwassacca Received Sao Paulo's Honorary Citizenship

On August 25 Rev. Yoshihico Iwassacca (Ordained Minister, Chairman of Brazil Missionary Headquarters) received Sao Paulo’s honorary citizenship from the Sao Paulo City Assembly.